Helpful information

Local public transport on Tenerife is develpoed really well...In fact, in Tenereife exists only bus connetion, apart small city tram in La Laguna. But its really enough for small island.To save some money, is always advisable to buy a special card- Bono Bus , which provide 30% discount comparing with buying tickets from driver.

ELECTRONICS RENTAL - Did not take your Laptop on vacations and realized you need it? There’s a solution. One week rental will cost 50€ Two weeks 80€ Month 130€. The deposit 250€ must be left an after rental period ends it will be refunded back.

One of the safest places in the world!

No one ever will try to kill You or openly rob..Most You have to care only about Your drunk mates))

Still pick-pockets are very active on streets , markets and beaches!

Security in tenerife, how to escape robberies from cars

Never leave Your things unattented, never leave values in cars!!

Never drink to death in English bars - girls use to add sleaping pills in Your drinks!

Never drink and drive here ! Police are soft , but not against drunk drivers))

For more information, basic rules and help-

All issues, related with cars, can be solved with Guardia Civil Traffico, find more info here-

In Tenerife You can find all type of food- even horrible stuff like English breakfast is available everywere with no health warnings!
And only for 3 eu per person)) In fact- there are all possible restaurants for all possible nationalities of Earth!